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Adult Instructors

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Adult Instructors

As a part time Adult Instructor (AI), you will be a vital and valued part of the cadet organisation. The guidance you give will help shape the future for cadets and ensure they continue to contribute to society, whether in service or civilian life.


Being an AI is a fulfilling role that enables cadets to learn new skills and overcome their fears. You can play your part in empowering others whilst rewarding yourself. As an AI, you can serve your community and benefit your own civilian career.


There’s also an opportunity to advance your own personal development because you will put your team leadership skills to the test and gain experience to build up your own confidence. AI’s are able to gain vocational qualifications up to master’s degree level in various management and training courses.


Who can join?

To become an AI, you need to be a British or Commonwealth citizen aged between 18 and 55. You should be reasonably fit and feel you can make a difference to the lives of young people. No previous military experience is necessary as full training is given and uniforms are provided.


What is the commitment?

The normal commitment is one or two evenings a week, plus some weekends. There is also a two week annual camp. Travelling expenses are paid and you can earn up to 21 days pay each year for training at weekends, annual camp and attending courses.


What do cadets do?

The cadet organisations offer young people the opportunity to have fun, adventure and make friends whilst learning military skills, shooting, survival techniques, kayaking, rock-climbing, hill walking, mountain biking and much more. They have great summer camps at home and overseas, plus the opportunity to gain some very useful qualifications. They also contribute to their local communities by helping with worthwhile projects and by raising money for charities.


None of this could happen without the supervision and guidance of the dedicated men and women who train them.


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