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The Reserve Forces

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Reserve Forces


The Reserve Forces need you now! By joining, you would become a vital and valued part of the UK’s Armed Forces which includes the Army Reserve, the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.


Currently, Reserve Forces play an important part in the UK's Armed Forces and there are plans to grow Reservists numbers and roles in the modern vision of the military.


Tens of thousands of men and women spend their spare time training and preparing to work alongside the Regular Forces. As a reservist, you will be an integral and essential element of exercises and operations.


Becoming a reservist provides you with an opportunity to add a new dimension to your life, away from your day job. Reservists take part in adventurous training, often travelling to different parts of the world to do it. As well as room for an enjoyably energetic social life, you’ll gain skills that improve your employability and enhance your civilian career.

Defence Reform Act 2014


The current law that governs call-out powers for reservists (the Reserve Forces Act 1996) has changed following the commencement of the Defence Reform Act on 1 October 2014.


Now, a reservist can be mobilised for any purpose that a Regular can be used. Click here to read the full changes to call out powers.


Also, there have been changes to the additional payments made to employers and employment protection for reservists. Click here to read more.

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