Welcome to the official website of RFCA for Wales, the enabling voice for reserves and cadets in Wales.

RFCA for Wales is an ‘arms length body’ of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), established by Act of Parliament and charged with giving advice and assistance to the Defence Council and to the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force on matters that concern reserves and cadets in Wales.

Established in 1908 (as Territorial Associations), RFCAs were originally designed to provide local support to the Territorial Force in every county in the United Kingdom. Over 100 years later, the name has changed, the number of associations has drastically reduced but our dependency has grown to encompass reserves and cadets of all three services in Wales.

All RFCAs are central government bodies with Crown status and have constituted a Council of RFCAs (CRFCA) to provide central coordination at a national level.

What We Do

RFCA for Wales business is publicly funded and reported upon by a range of Service Level Agreements which define the support provided by us to each of the single Services in the MoD, to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and to the Chief of Defence People.

Our primary tasks are:

  • To provide advice and support on behalf of the volunteer reserve forces and cadets in Wales.
  • To work with the chains of command of the three Services to deliver support to the reserves and cadets in Wales against Service Level Agreements.
  • To establish and maintain links with the community and to deliver employer engagement on behalf of Defence in Wales.
  • To deliver the volunteer estate in Wales through the maintenance and support of reserve training centres, cadet centres and training areas within which the reserves and cadets of all three services can conduct their activities.

RFCA for Wales adhere to the Ministry of Defence Freedom of Information policy.

Please see the MOD Freedom of Information Page here for details.

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