Caiff yr erthygl hon ei chyfieithu yn fuan
220 young people from across Gwent and Powys have packed their bags with kit and embraced the outdoors to spend their summer holidays building teamwork and leadership skills.

Members of Gwent and Powys Army Cadet Force (ACF) have travelled Longmoor Camp in the Hampshire countryside for their annual camp – a week of training, which has included assault courses, overnight camping, fieldcraft and more.

The busy schedule of safe and exciting activities brings together many aspects of the cadet syllabus, which is taught every week at detachments around Gwent and Powys.

Many cadets will use last week’s experience to progress through the rank promotion system, which replicates a real life job experience, whilst enjoying fun with friends.

The annual camp has been organised and delivered by more than 80 members of staff – many of them Cadet Force Adult Volunteers who have dedicated their spare time to help future generation gain qualifications and qualities.

Experiences like annual camp help cadets to work towards internationally known academic and vocational training opportunities. These include BTECs, CVQOs courses and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which are transferable to everyday life.

Just like the cadets, volunteers can also gain qualifications. Interested in becoming an Army Cadet Force cadet or volunteer? CLICK HERE to find your local detachment in Gwent and Powys.

After five years as a cadet, Abigail Foskett rejoined as a volunteer and is one of 168 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers in Gwent and Powys. The 19-year-old Probationary Instructor (PI) has been teaching music lessons during annual camp and believes there’s a lot more to the ACF than meets the eye.

She said: “Joining the ACF as an instructor has helped me to learn how to teach lessons, I would never have been able to do that without the ACF. And it’s not just teaching cadets, I also teach my peers and other adult instructors, too.

“A lot of people would have done a little bit of music in school and it’s nice to see they can use what they know. They might not be a keen musician but they can still use the basics.

“Music is a massive part of the ACF. There are bands all over the country, every corner. They perform at a lot of events and Remembrance Day is a perfect example. It has such an important role for us.”

Through the classes Abigail teaches, she’s often opening opportunities to both experienced performers and complete newbies. Abigail’s contribution has been rewarding and she encourages everyone to consider how they can get involved with the ACF.

Abigail said: “When I first joined, I didn’t know how much stuff the ACF is involved in. A lot of people do a bit of research and realise there are bands and it gives musicians a chance to represent their county.

“I’ve always played an instrument but there are some who come in to parade on a Thursday night and they’ve never touched an instrument. Everyone has to start from somewhere and if you’re dedicated, anyone can do it.

“The cadets get a little adrenaline rush when they perform and those little experiences really benefit them. Always get involved! It [being in the ACF] is something that makes you stand out and a potential employer will know that you’re willing to do something extra.”

That’s not all as a second camp will take place at Cwrt-y-Gollen next week and the cadets will focus on adventurous training, such as kayaking, rock climbing and mountaineering. Cadet Force Adult Volunteers will also be able to work towards National Governing Body (NGB) accredited adventurous training qualifications.

Gwent and Powys ACF has also organised for 30 cadets to meet with employers from a wide range of sectors in January. They will offer apprenticeships to the cadets, who will be able to call on the skills they have gained from experiences like annual camp.

Interested in exploring the diverse opportunities available with Gwent and Powys ACF? CLICK HERE to contact the county HQ.

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