Whilst the North West of England were bracing themselves for a night of heavy downpours, flash flooding and landslips, Clwyd & Gwynedd’s young cadets showed that they can survive in a crisis!

During their 2019 Annual Summer Camp, held at the Warcorp Training Area in Cumbria, the adverse weather conditions was used as a survival exercise in its own right. Using their extensive leadership experience, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers taught cadets the skills they need to sleep under canvas sheets deep in a forest on the edge of the North Pennines…even in a monsoon.

Commandant of Clwyd & Gwynedd Army Cadet Force, Colonel L T Williams POST NOMS, was keen to demonstrate the benefits of the camp:

“Our annual camp this year was held at Warcorp Training Area in Cumbria and was used as a development on the training that we’ve been doing throughout the year.

It was specifically for the older cadets – one star and above, learning leadership in the field, where we put them in mixed ability sections and give the cadets a real chance to lead their own people, under the supervision and direction of our adult volunteers.

This continues the ethos of what we’re trying to instil, of making the youngsters better people. They all develop at different stages, but as the Commander of C&G ACF, I’ve got the mantra that we are trying to make our young people, better, so if they leave us with better life skills than when they joined us, that makes me happy.”

Click here to see photos from the C&G camp.

RFCA for Wales members were invited to see the camp in action, and find how their support affects cadets in north Wales.  Among them was Colonel Russell Stafford-Tolley POST NOMS, Chair of the Army Cadet Force Association (ACFA).

The Association promotes and represent the ACF in order to ensure its continued wellbeing for the benefit of present and future cadets, and their adult volunteers, and is a vital support to the organisation. He said:

“I was impressed with the cadets and in particularly, the Commandant’s strategy for Clwyd and Gwynedd’s cadets, was borne out by the attitude and the achievements of the cadets that I spoke with. It’s a win, win!”

There are over 4,400 cadets in Wales who enjoy fun with friends at more than 200 unit locations spanning the length and breadth of the country.

The support provided by RFCA for Wales gives cadets the confidence to overcome challenges, to contribute to their communities and learn the value of citizenship.

The Permanent Support Staff embedded in each Army Cadet Force (ACF) unit are employed by RFCA for Wales. These employees are tasked to provide the staff, logistical, recruiting and clerical support to enable the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to deliver cadet training.

Colonel Nick Beard TD DL, RFCA for Wales’ Chief Executive said:

“I was absolutely delighted to visit the camp. I’ve had two days here, the first day as Honorary Colonel. It’s very well structured and well-run  and the cadets have clearly responded to it, despite having to sleep out, under canvas in torrential rain storms. Their morale was first class, when we saw them this morning and every cadet that I spoke to, said that they would be back next year! What more of an indication could you wish for, that this camp has been a real success.”

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