Lance Corporal Iestyn Burke of Dyfed and Glamorgan Army Cadet Force came up with the idea of creating a mural – a massive five-foot work of art – destined for Carmarthen Detachment during lockdown.

Iestyn looked at the existing mural that was painted by a cadet in 1984 of the former regiment that the cadets were badged to but thought it would be good to have the cap badge of their newly affiliated regiment.

The original badge was the Royal Regiment of Wales which later amalgamated with the Royal Welch Fusiliers to form the Royal Welsh, but last year the detachment became affiliated with the army reserve regiment they share the centre with. They are now badged Royal Logistics Corps (RLC).

Iestyn, 16, who joined the cadets three years ago, spent up to three hours day on the mural with one of the biggest problems, due to its size, being where to store it.  It started in the bedroom then ended in every other room in the house, finally ending up in the garage!

Iestyn said, “Once we can return back to the detachment, I look forward to hanging it in pride of place to be used as a backdrop for presentations.  I will be donating the mural to the detachment as my way of giving back to those that have helped me over the years”.

Detachment commander Adult Under Officer (AUO) Darren Parker  said,“I could not be prouder, I am just overwhelmed by his achievement.  We are all so proud of him”.

Area Commander of G (Welsh Guards) Company, Captain Nick Roberts is looking forward to seeing this masterpiece and thanking LCpl Burke personally.

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