11 adventurous Sea Cadets from Cardiff have recently returned from an exciting voyage, where they spent six days honing their seamanship skills and sailing to Holland.

The cadets, who are all members of Cardiff Sea Cadet Corps (SCC), set sail from Ipswich aboard T.S. John Jerwood, a purpose-built training ship designed to be the ideal environment to train young cadets gain invaluable experience of being at sea.

Under the careful instruction of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) Chief Petty Officer Sophie Turner and Petty Officer Matthew Reid, the cadets were given the opportunity to stuck in to six days of adventure at sea.

They were taught how to navigate and keep watch, seamanship principles, and how to take the helm of the ship. The first leg of their voyage from Ipswich to Lowestoft was an opportunity for the cadets to put their new skills into practice.

The second leg saw the cadets assisting the captain to sail from Lowestoft, across the English Channel, to Ijmuiden in Holland. The following day, the crew travelled along the canals. The cadets were required to work together to navigate a number of locks and tight spaces before arriving at Medemblik. Once in Medemblik, the cadets went ashore to explore the area.

The following day, they arrived at their final destination, Den Helder, where they carried out their final duties before flying home by plane (which was a new experience for some cadets).

For many of the cadets on board T.S. John Jerwood, the experience was life-changing, and has equipped them with invaluable skills that will help them to achieve and develop in the classroom and beyond. They have also attained technical qualifications that will further their cadet careers and nurture their interest in technical subjects.

Cadet organisations combine youth work with military-themed training and community-based activities. They improve the health of cadets through a variety of outdoor activities and sport, and offer opportunities for both adults and young people.

CLICK HERE to find out more about joining the SCC as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer, or for information about the experiences available to young people.

Images: Cardiff Sea Cadets Facebook 

Source: Sea Cadets YouTube

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