RFCA for Wales storekeeper Joanne Thomas has become the first person in Wales to receive a Commander’s Coin for excellence from the man at the helm of the country’s military support to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lieutenant-General Tyrone Urch, presented his Standing Joint Command (SJC) Coin for Excellence to Joanne during his recent visit to Joint Military Command Wales (JMC Wales) in Brecon.

Joanne, who has been storekeeper for the Cadet Training Team in Brecon for 12 months, was offered the option to work from home while Army Cadet activity was suspended but instead volunteered to support the work of JMC.

This work ranged from assisting in setting up hand wash stations to coordinating transport moves and any other tasks required included taking turns in the early morning and late evening shifts with the Regular and Reserve personnel.

“Jo has quietly been working behind the scenes to assist in keeping JMC Wales running wherever she can, during a time when she could have stayed at home,” said the citation.

Outside of work Joanne is a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer with Gwent and Powys ACF.

SJC commands the joint COVID Support Force which provides support to the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. JMC is the Welsh part of that structure.

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