Since he was a boy Cian Adams had dreamt of joining the Army and now as a reservist he’s enjoying the best of both worlds.

By day he works as a software developer for the insurance group Admiral and at night and weekends, he’s a part-time soldier with 3rd Battalion Royal Welsh.

And with the world of home working that the country currently finds itself in, Cian likes nothing better than to get out into the fresh air on training exercises with his comrades in the Royal Welsh.

Cian, 19, from the Rhondda said, “I’ve wanted to join the Army since I was a boy, so I’m fulfilling my dream by being a reserve. I feel really lucky to have the chance to get out from behind my desk and do something different. It feels like a real release, particularly now, in the world of home-working.”

Cian, who joined the reserves a year ago, is a former army cadet and from the age of 13 was a member of Treorchy Combined Cadet Force, where his achievements were recognised by his appointment as one of the Lord-Lieutenant cadets for Mid Glamorgan in 2019/20.

He joined Admiral in 2019 after leaving school where day-to-day he investigates issues which have affected handlers whilst they were speaking to customers.

“In the reserves you speak publicly with your section during a debrief and that element of public speaking has helped me greatly in my role at Admiral. It has helped increase my confidence and helped me immensely when I have to attend daily meetings and verbally deliver my findings to others with years more experience in the sector than myself.

“Whilst in turn in my day job I have to focus in depth and in detail on topics and that application to attention to detail carries through and can be vital in my reserves work.”

Cian, who originally aspired to join the regular Army, and only decided to enter the world of work, while he waited for his Sandhurst application to progress, now feels that he’s got the best of both worlds.

“I’ve discovered that the reserves gives me the best of both worlds – it enables me to do everything that I want to do in the army whilst maintaining a civilian career that I enjoy.”

“I really enjoy being with like-minded people with similar goals and enjoying a camaraderie that’s hard to find anywhere else. There’s also a wealth of opportunities and adventurous training that includes things like kayaking, rock climbing and skiing.”

“My employers Admiral have also always been very supportive of my reserves work.”

Head of Recruitment at Admiral Andrew Viazzani, said, “Admiral is proud to support our Army reservists as part of its commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.

“Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because the Army and Admiral are similar in many cultural respects – respect for people and teamwork are important for both organisations.

“Partnering makes so much sense for us as the skills we want to develop in our people are mirrored within the Army Reserves and so we both benefit in the long term.

“Admiral currently employs 25 people who are in the Army Reserves, but we would happily employ even more – they are a credit to both the Army and Admiral.”

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