The Queen’s representative for West Glamorgan has praised the work and effort of reserves and cadets during the pandemic.

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of West Glamorgan Mrs Louise Fleet JP was speaking at her first annual awards ceremony, held virtually for the first time ever on Thursday, January 7.

“This awards ceremony gives us the opportunity to take the time to reflect on and recognise the contribution that our reserve forces, cadets and volunteers make to our communities,” said Mrs Fleet.

“Last year approximately 100 reservists were mobilised to support training teams and exercises abroad, as well as back filling gaps within regular forces at home.  We have seen them serve with great distinction during the pandemic as 200 reservists in Wales were mobilised in the fight against Covid-19 providing additional capacity for the NHS through driving and deep cleaning ambulances and providing support for operations rooms and testing.

“Likewise, the Cadet Forces are truly amazing organisations. The units could not operate without the superb dedication and loyalty of the officers and adult volunteers who have been undaunted by the pandemic restrictions and embraced innovation and technology with enthusiasm to develop extremely successful online training. This has meant that the cadets have been able to continue to learn and engage with each other during the very challenging last few months.”

Three young people were appointed to the role of Lord-Lieutenant cadets for 2021 and have received a distinctive badge of their appointment. Congratulations to Leading Cadet Amelia Willn of Neath Sea Cadets Corps; Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major Jessica Nedin of Dyfed and Glamorgan Army Cadet Force and Cadet Flight Sergeant Kristian Morgan of No3 Welsh Wing Air Cadets.

Amelia, from Port Talbot, (pictured below) joined sea cadets at the age of ten, and has climbed the ranks gaining numerous qualifications in drill, rowing, powerboating, first aid, seamanship, catering and kayaking. She has represented the West Wales District in swimming, power boat handling, kayaking and colour party drill competitions.

Jessica, from Swansea, (pictured below) has been a member of the Morriston Detachment B (Rorke’s Drift) Company for four years. She inspires and encourages both senior and junior cadets in all activities and has been a driving force within the senior cadet cohort during the period of virtual engagement. She has a natural talent for shooting and has represented the detachment and company in many competitions.

Throughout his five years of service Kristian, from Swansea, (pictured below) has consistently proved to be an outstanding cadet. He is an accomplished drummer, and is the tipper drummer (the lead drummer) for the acclaimed 215 (city of Swansea) Sqn Corps of Drums. He works with the staff in developing the music and training the cadets. He has, during the lockdown, given a lesson to Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant and to Honorary Group Captain Carol Vorderman whilst attending a virtual parade night.

The three will follow in the footsteps of Cadet Company Sergeant Major Mitchell Brooks of Dyfed and Glamorgan Army Cadet Force; Cadet Flight Sergeant Francesca Boardman of No 3 Welsh Wing RAF Air Cadets and Cadet Warrant Officer Rhys Jones of No 3 Welsh Wing RAF Air Cadets who were awarded the Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate and Badge for being the 2020 representatives. (pictured below right to left)

Eight people were recognised for their outstanding service and devotion to duty and awarded the Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit.

These were Chief Petty Officer  Rhodri Thomas of  Port Talbot Sea Cadets Corps; Chief Petty Officer  Steven Summerfield also of Port Talbot Sea Cadets Corps; Petty Officer Nigel Morton of Llanelli Sea Cadets Corps; Lieutenant Clare A’Hearne of Dyfed and Glamorgan Army Cadet Force; Adult Under Officer Emma Watson of Dyfed and Glamorgan Army Cadet Force; Squadron Leader  Malcolm Thomas of No 3 Welsh Wing Royal Air Force Air Cadets; Flight Sergeant Fern Thomas of No 3 Welsh Wing Royal Air Force Air Cadets and Mrs Susan Summerfield of Port Talbot Sea Cadets Corps. (all pictured below in chronological order)

There are over 4,400 cadets in Wales who gain skills and qualifications through working with local communities, charities and taking part in a variety of practical activities. The cadet syllabus is delivered by hundreds of volunteering adult instructors and civilian assistants, who give up their free time on weeknights and weekends.

Nearly 100 people attended the event organised and broadcast by the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for Wales – an organisation that has supported the Armed Forces for over 100 years. It was the first time ever that a Lord-Lieutenant awards ceremony had been held virtually.

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