Three Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) from Newtown have received a Commandant’s Commendation, the highest honour of its type, for their actions in dealing with separate incidents that required life-saving first aid.

Barnaby Jones-Evans, Henry Barnes and Josh Vaughan witnessed serious accidents where there was a potential threat to life in June and July and on both occasions, their quick thinking response and first aid treatment prevented the incidents claiming lives.

Flight Lieutenant Steve Hopper, Commanding Officer of 2416 (Newtown) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC), said: “These Commandant’s Commendations are the highest recognition a cadet can achieve and are a shining example of how young people on this Squadron and in this local community deserve our fullest praise and recognition.

“For three cadets to receive them, in the space of a week, is outstanding. I am humbled by their actions and trust they will continue to set such high standards for other cadets to emulate in the future.”

In June, Cadet Sergeant Barnaby Jones-Evans, aged 15, witnessed a young adult falling onto barbed wire causing severe bleeding to their midriff. With no first aid kit, Barnaby improvised to stem the bleeding and summoned help.

Moment later, a second serious incident occurred as a young person had fallen and sustained a serious head injury. The casualty was unconscious and vomiting which Barnaby recognized as life-threatening. He called for the emergency services, whilst clearing the casualty’s airway and putting them in the recovery position.

The incident resulted in two air ambulances attending and the casualty being flown to the Head Injuries Unit at Stoke Hospital for treatment. The paramedics at the scene congratulated Barnaby for his actions which they recognized as life-saving.

Shortly after, three cadets were out on a bike ride when one of them accidently fell down a steep slope and, despite wearing protective head gear, sustained a serious head injury. The casualty was unconscious and bleeding heavily from a wound to the back of his head.

Henry Barnes, a week short of his thirteenth birthday, called the emergency services whilst fellow cadet, Josh Vaughan administered urgent first aid, stemming the blood flow and moving the casualty into the recovery position.

As the casualty began to regain consciousness, his two friends kept him calm and comfortable until the emergency services arrived. Both Fire crews and paramedics who attended praised the two cadets for the way they handled the situation and used their First Aid skills to, ultimately, save their friend’s life.

All three cadets were recommended for a Special Commendation certificate from the Commandant of the RAF Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty – the highest recognition for such action.

Henry and Josh were presented with their certificates by the Mayor of Newtown, Sue Newham, in a ceremony attended by Squadron staff, fellow cadets and their parents, with Squadron Leader Gareth Llewellyn of RAF Air Command.

First Aid is one of the skills that young people can learn within all three cadet organisations. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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