Penarth Sea Cadets, TS Glamorgan, recently held their annual commemoration evening to commemorate the day when an Exocet missile hit HMS Glamorgan during the Falklands conflict.

The evening, which was held last month, included several special presentations from important local figures. Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Morfudd Meredith presented Midshipman J Biundo with a certificate for achieving a BTEC Level 2 and Able Cadet T Slee received Advanced First Aid and Stage 3 Sailing certificates.

All cadets in Wales are given opportunities to earn valuable qualifications that are useful both in cadets and in their civilian lives.

Roy Clarke from the British Warships Association presented a Special Achievement Award to Able Cadet Staite for gaining advanced electrical engineering, advanced communication information systems and advanced mechanical engineering certificates – all within a single year.

The Deputy Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Colin Jones awarded cadet promotion badges to a number of cadets and Councillor Jon Loxton, Penarth Town Mayor, presented Penarth Unit’s Cadet of the Year Award to Able Cadet Price.

Junior Sea Cadet Cerys Stonehouse laid a wreath during the commemoration service and was later presented with a special commemorative by Chief Petty Officer (CPO) SCC John Callaghan. CPO Callaghan was a crewmember on board HMS Glamorgan when the missile struck on 12 June 1982.

Junior Sea Cadet Cerys Stonehouse said: “I was very proud to be asked to lay the wreath as the youngest member of the ship’s company and to be presented with a signed photo of HMS Glamorgan by CPO Callaghan, who was actually on board the ship.”

All cadets in Wales are inspired by Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to achieve in the classroom and in their future careers. Click here to find out more about joining the Sea Cadets in Wales.

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