A teenage cadet from Llanelli has received royal recognition of her achievements.

17-year-old Courtney Jones has been appointed to the prestigious role of Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet by Her Majesty’s representative for the county.
Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Dyfed Miss Sara Edwards made it official at the recent opening of the Veteran’s Lounge in Llanelli Conservative Club.

Leading Cadet Jones, who admitted to crying with happiness when she first found out the news, was presented with a distinctive badge, which she will wear on her Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) uniform. The appointment will last for the duration of 2018.

Courtney has been a member of Llanelli Sea Cadets since she was 10 years old and she will now accompany Ms Edwards at official local and national civic engagements, such as Remembrance services and parades.

“I’m expecting new situations and experiences that I wouldn’t have got without being a Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet,” said Courtney, who regularly fundraises for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. “It will really improve my CV and people will realise I’m capable of achieving things.

“If you become a cadet, try and do everything you can. If you get an opportunity to do any course, do anything, go anywhere – do it. There’s so much you can get from the Sea Cadet Corps.

“It’s important for me to set a good example to other cadets in our unit. I’ve gained a lot of respect. People my age are not always respectful and they can do things I would never do and that’s because I’m involved with the cadets.”

As well as increased discipline and drive, Courtney has also gained a range of qualifications. The syllabus has enabled her to achieve credentials in marine engineering, seamanship, first aid and catering.

There are more than 4,400 cadets in Wales and over 1,200 volunteers enable their experiences.  They typically dedicate one or two weeknights to working with young people in a variety of rewarding roles. Click here to find out more.

Lucy Killick, a former Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet who has returned to volunteer with Llanelli Sea Cadet Corps, was presented with a surprise promotion to Chief Petty Officer at the same event.

The teaching assistant is a believer in the practical and personal opportunities cadet organisations open to young people and the benefits it brings to the selfless volunteers, too.

Lucy, a teaching assistant, said: “I’ve gained confidence, friendship, loyalty and the freedom to be able to know that it doesn’t matter what’s around the corner, I have always got people around me to provide a lot of support.

“I’ve got qualifications I’d have never gained otherwise. I’ve had numerous jobs where my experience with cadets has benefitted me and got me in to the job.”

The summer schedule is a busy period for Llanelli Sea Cadets and the Mid & West Wales District, who are always on the look out for news and enthusiastic volunteers.

“Give it a go. Pop along, have a chat with us and see if it’s something that you’re interested in doing. We will find something you’ll be good at and it will be good for you as an individual, as well as the helpful to others.

“We have our boating system up and running. We’re out on the water, rowing, power boating, sailing, wind surfing and kayaking. There’s a lot to get involved with!”

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