A Welsh Sea Cadet rushed to help his younger brother who was choking on a bacon sandwich.

Junior Sea Cadet Cai, 11, of Neath and District Sea Cadets and Royal Marines Cadets saw his five-year-old brother Ioan was turning blue and had gone floppy.

Using a first aid tip that he’d learnt at Sea Cadets, he immediately slapped his brother hard across his back, dislodging the piece of bacon.

Ioan, who was sick immediately afterwards said, “Cai is my hero.”

The boys were at their nana Tracy’s home when the incident happened and although she was sat beside Ioan, she couldn’t quite get herself into the right position to help him herself.

Instead Cai came to the rescue using the tip he’d been told about on a zoom first aid session during lockdown with his local Sea Cadet unit.

Cai said, “I could see Ioan was choking and starting to turn blue and so I gave him a hard slap on the back to clear his airway. I’m so glad that I knew what to do and was able to help my brother.”

Mum Daniella, who was a Sea Cadet herself along with the boys dad Jonathan who is a Leading Hand E in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary said, “We are so proud of Cai’s quick thinking. He remained calm and knew exactly what he needed to do to help his brother.

“He has only just turned 11 and was just 10 when this happened a few weeks ago so it really is amazing that he was able to react so quickly and calmly in a very scary situation.

“This underlines why it is so important for children to have an understanding of first aid. We are very grateful that Cai had received this training.”

Naval Regional Commander Brigadier Jock Fraser MBE ADC Royal Marines said, “I was amazed to learn how brilliantly well Cai responded to the situation and how skilfully he put his Sea Cadet first training into action.  Cai is a remarkable young man and we are all very proud of him. Cai’s brother thinks Cai is a hero and so do we.”

In recognition of Cai’s achievement Brigadier Fraser presented Cai with a special gift – a Royal Navy rugby ball.

Sub Lieutenant Chloe Oglesby, Cai’s Commanding Officer, said, “I am very proud of Cai as both as his Commanding Officer and family friend, he reacted in a way that many people would not be able to, resulting in his brother’s life being saved.

“I believe that this is in part due to Cai’s inquisitive nature and his thirst for detailed knowledge, but also due to him being confident in the knowledge that he has and knowing the importance of the skills that he has learned and practiced.

“It really does go to show that learning basic life-saving skills at a young age, even with the hope that you will never need to use them, really can make a huge difference to someone’s life!”

Nanna Tracy said, “We are really proud of Cai, he is our hero, his lighting reaction demonstrated an excellent understanding of the skills needed to deal with a choking incident.

“As an experienced nurse, I believe the speed of Cai’s reaction highlighted the importance of first aid training, both in imparting skills and confidence in children, and enabling them to react to emergency situations in a timely and confident manner.”

When local regional rugby side the Ospreys heard about Cai’s speedy response, they went along to meet him to present him with a signed Osprey’s rugby jersey and tickets to their first game of the season.

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