Sergeant Major Instructor Michael Evans, now an Adult Under Officer in Clwyd and Gwynedd Army Cadet Force has been awarded the Society’s Resuscitation Certificate after going to the assistance of a non-responsive woman in Bangor in March this year.

Responding to a commotion in the street involving about 30 people, Michael approached and offered to help by getting the woman into a treatable position on the pavement.

He was passed a defibrillator by a passer-by which he attached to the woman but after it showed no shock, Michael began compressions. Following the training given for first aid under Covid-19 conditions, he did not give rescue breaths.

After a series of 24 compressions the woman responded and Michael was able to help medics transport her into a waiting ambulance.

Commandant of Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF, Colonel Martin Craven said, “This award is fully justified demonstrating once again the value of first aid training within the cadet forces. I look forward to making the formal presentation as soon as conditions allow”.

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