1-7 June 2020 marks Volunteers’ Week – an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the valuable time that people contribute to further good causes across the world.

In Wales, the cadet organisations offer over 2,200 young people opportunities to access life-changing experiences that equip them with vital skills while they have fun with friends.

Most importantly, they’re offered room to grow in an environment that fosters their talents, piques their interest in new subjects, and the ability to overcome disadvantages which may hold back their personal development in a supportive and fun structure.

Cadets in Wales are nurtured, led and inspired by over 1,200 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers without whom, they would not be able to access opportunities that would help them to achieve in their classroom and their future careers.

Volunteers come from all backgrounds and contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and technical subjects, to sports, adventurous training and day-to-day unit support.

Providing such a vital service to the cadet organisations is highly rewarding for cadets but volunteers themselves can gain invaluable experience. This ranges from recognised management and technical qualifications to soft skills development that can benefit their everyday lives.

Would you like to dedicate some of their spare time to develop and inspire young people, and to widen your experiences and skillset? Click here to find out more 

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