Bydd cyfieithiad o’r erthygl hon ar gael yn fuan.

A reservist from Wales has had an unrivalled opportunity to return to skydiving after a 14-year break.

Second Warrant Officer Andrew Briscoe, 52, has been a reservist with 160 Field Company REME for 11 years and has finally had the opportunity to open his parachute at a special training exercise with the Army Parachute Association in Wiltshire.

Freefall parachuting has been a passion for the Senior Safety Engineer and he had the extraordinary opportunity to practise some air drills, an exciting part of skydiving – a sport from which he has been separated or over a decade.

The pinnacle, however, was receiving his Volunteer Reserves’ Service Medal (VRSM) from his Commanding Officer while diving.  The VRSM is a commendation awarded for 10 years’ qualifying service in the Volunteer Reserves.

Andrew said: “It was a very enjoyable experience; the chance to return to a previously loved sport was invaluable. The reserves has offered me the chance to do a range of things that I cannot do in my normal life.

“Receiving a medal or other award is always special.  The chance to receive one while skydiving was an opportunity like few others.”

The trip was part-funded by the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (RFCA) for Wales’ Welsh Reserves and Cadets Fund. The fund helps fund a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing the well-being, training and morale of reservists and cadets in Wales.

There are over 2,200 reservists in Wales. As valued members of the Defence family, reservists enhance their everyday lives through adventurous and challenging experiences. They receive world-class training to develop new skills and qualifications to boost their civilian lives.

Andrew said: “The reserves offers people a chance to learn skills that are useful to themselves, their families and their employers.

“They have helped me to keep my First Aid skills fresh and the leadership and management skills are useful at work but I am at the point where satisfaction for me comes from passing on the skills that I have gained over the years.”

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