Brigadier Andrew Dawes CBE, Commander Joint Military Command Wales, based in Brecon, said the Armed Forces will continue to support the NHS in Wales “in any way we can” in the fight against #coronavirus. MOd-crown-copyright army and ambulance personnel standing in front of ambulance

“It continues to be a tremendous privilege to support NHS Wales in any way we can during this latest stage of the pandemic response,” said the Brigadier.

“They have asked us to help crew Welsh ambulances and to deliver the vaccine right across Wales. We currently have around 80 Royal Air Force personnel and 14 Army combat medical technicians deployed as a Vaccination Support Force to support NHS Wales.

“These personnel are operating from 26 locations across the seven Welsh Health Boards, supported by a small team working from the Welsh Government building in Cathays Park, Cardiff. We also have around 100 soldiers, drawn primarily from 9 Regiment RLC, helping to crew ambulances in nine regional ambulance hubs in support of the Welsh Ambulance Services Trust.

“This is in addition to the specialist planners and liaison officers in Welsh Government, NHS Wales and the regional health boards, as well as supporting the regional resilience networks who have been in place since March last year.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “Defence medics are being deployed in the biggest numbers we have ever seen during peacetime in the UK, supporting the two biggest challenges facing this country – rolling out the vaccine and assisting hospitals care for the most vulnerable.

“Today I spoke with military representatives working in the four corners of the UK, supporting communities as we pull together to combat the effects of the virus. While the Armed Forces are working hard alongside the NHS, local authorities and private contractors, we stand ready to do more when the call comes.”

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